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What is a "Verified Issuer" and how to get it
What is a "Verified Issuer" and how to get it

Why is "Issuer not verified" showing on my Certify Issuer account and the recipient backpack?

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The Benefits of Verification: Unlocking Opportunities as a Verified Issuer on Certify


Certify, as a platform for digital badges, takes pride in offering a secure and reliable environment for both badge recipients and issuers. One significant aspect that sets Certify apart is the option for issuers to become "verified." This status not only signifies a commitment to credibility but also unlocks a range of benefits that enhance the overall experience for both issuers and badge recipients.

The Verification Process:

To achieve the status of a "verified" issuer on Certify, issuers are required to undergo a verification process. This process ensures that the issuer's identity is authenticated, contributing to a more trustworthy badge ecosystem. Importantly, obtaining verified status necessitates a "premium" account, highlighting the dedication to maintaining the highest standards of integrity within the Certify community.

Benefits of Being a Verified Issuer:

1. Enhanced Credibility:

A verified badge issuer enjoys increased credibility, instilling confidence in badge recipients and other users of the Certify platform. This credibility is crucial in today's digital landscape, where trust is paramount.

2. Community Trust:

The verification mark serves as a visible symbol of trust within the Certify community. Badge recipients are more likely to engage with and value badges from verified issuers, creating a positive feedback loop that benefits both parties.

3. Access to Exclusive Features:

Verified issuers gain access to exclusive features and tools that further streamline the badge creation and management process. This includes advanced analytics, customizable badge designs, and additional resources to enhance the overall badge-issuing experience.

4. Improved Support:

Verified issuers receive priority customer support, ensuring that any queries or concerns are addressed promptly. This level of support is invaluable for issuers who are committed to delivering a seamless experience to badge recipients.


Becoming a "verified" issuer on Certify is not just a status; it's a commitment to excellence and integrity in the digital badge ecosystem. While the process requires a "premium" account, the benefits far outweigh the investment. Verified issuers enjoy enhanced credibility, community trust, access to exclusive features, and improved support.

As Certify continues to champion a secure and reputable space for digital badges, the verification process stands as a testament to the platform's dedication to fostering a community built on trust, recognition, and mutual success. Consider upgrading to a "premium" account today and embark on a journey to elevate your badge-issuing experience on Certify.

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